• Statement & Bio

    The utilization of rope arranged into substrates found ornamentally on both sailors and the decks of ships proved commoditization and respect of the material in profession and leisure. Through highly organized applications, sea-goers curated textiles aboard their all-encompassing domains at sea in the form of protective and decorative knot tying. I take on traditions of this trade by utilizing processes of maritime semiotics such as Morse code lettering and pattern in sculptural form, on a grand scale. Serving as an amplification of industry heritage, tactility and femininity found in New England maritime tradition, my work transcends multiple cultural bridges similar to how great whaling sea stories continuously captivate past, present and future generations. Additionally, my concepts stimulate relatable emotional responses of this vast marine network in that the desire to interact with the fibers’ tangibility not only speaks to the visual magnetism and materiality of fiber itself, but also a yearning to embrace a loved one back home while floating aboard a ship, far over the horizon.

    Alex Buchanan (Born in Boston, Massachusetts) is an artist and merchant marine who studied fine art at Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Alex also served four years active duty and began his journeys at sea in the U.S. Coast Guard. He focuses on his maritime influences and conveys them as a visual language by layering literal and conceptual translations using related symbology.

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