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This piece has a lot going on. Not just aesthetically, but in concept, design and function. I was brought back to work with a few of my favorite clients to create an exterior hanging piece to deter birds from flying into their large sliding glass doors. It had to be something you not only want to look at, but be able to look through.

I was provided with some specification from the Audubon Society on how to reduce bird collisions, but we weren't impressed with how heavily the function preceded the style. So staying true to my own background, and keeping some complimentary elements from the clients' first commission, I got to work. After about 150 hours of woodwork, splicing, tying, and a good amount of trial-and-error, I was able to capture these visual goals, and with an added bonus. The piece, titled "5's & 8's" which is now a sister piece to the clients' numerological, "8's & 5's" also looks great indoors. The small splices and whippings averaging about 30 minutes each, were a labor of love and the most challenging part of the project, but like anything built from hard work, it was totally worth the challenge.